Picking The Right Long Distance Transport Service
When the need arises for a long distance medical transportation service finding the right one can be difficult. The best way to find the perfect transport company for your medical needs is by following a few simple steps. Knowing what to look for now before you choose will ensure that you are choosing the best long distance transportation service you can find.

Inside an ambulanceThere are important factors you want to look for when comparing long distance medical transportation services. Insurance is a critical part of any service. All state’s require that a transportation service has a minimum required amount of coverage. While this is certainly acceptable, you should look for companies that carry more then the required legal amount. More coverage is beneficial for the patient as well as the service. Find out your state’s required minimum coverage amount and compare that to what a service actually carries.

Insurance is important yet so many forget about the staff. Indeed, the medically trained staff that will accompany the patient is an important part of the service. You are looking for experience as well as medically trained employees that are prepared and can handle patients needs during a long journey. You also want to look for staff that understands the importance of privacy. Make sure that the staff has been trained to properly protect patient information under the HIPPA guidelines.

The final staff member you want to check out is of course the driver. This is the person that has dual responsibilities. One is to drive carefully in order to transport the patient safely. The other is to arrive on time. Look for services that have an excellent patient arrival time. This information should be readily given by the company as this is a mark of pride. They should also have their drivers attend annual driving courses to ensure their drivers are properly prepared for the journey.

The driver and staff are invaluable but equally important are the vehicles. Vehicles should have a strict maintenance schedule that is adhered to. They should also be equipped with tracking devices that link to central dispatch. These tracking units allow dispatch to monitor the progress of the journey as well as instantly spot any deviations off course or hazards that may have occurred. All vehicles should be neat, clean and in excellent condition. When you are comparing services ask how old their fleet is and how often vehicles are serviced.